Bouchay Business
A Mobile Digital Payment App Designed for Talent Agencies

Bouchay Business is a no fee mobile peer-to-peer encrypted digital payment app transferring client payments immediately to both talent and agency.
Bouchay Business is designed for talent agencies and their talent to streamline booking payments.
Bouchay Business is designed for any type of any agency booking or engagement.
Bouchary Business allows agencies to invoice directly from talent's mobile phone.
Bouchay Business eliminates the risk of state laws fining agencies for agency non-payments. Fines can be more than $1000,000 per booking to a client.
No need to worry about tracking down agency fees from talent. Agency receives immediate payment at same time as talent payment.
Agency clients can save up $300,000 in operating costs annually
Clients encouraged to use corporate cash back credit cards to save even more money.
Agency saves $270,000 in operating costs an annually
Reduce agency cash float to the same day from up to 10 days with traditional check payment.
Bouchay Business allows talent to add multiple agencies for any type of project or booking.
Bouchay Business uses a two tier pricing structure to cover fees and expenses.
Bouchay Business ensures clients are compliant with all California state laws regarding payment to talent agencies.
Save past engagements for recurring business and complete view of all agency bookings.
You're invited to Bouchay Business New Year's Ball at Ceasar's Palace. Scheduled to perform include Beyonce, Kendrick Lamar and Kesha among others.

Bouchay Business is for agencies to get paid talent fees immediately.

Bouchay … the only mobile digital payment app designed for independent talent professionals.

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Bouchay Business is legally and financially compliant with all municipal, regional, state and federal statutes, guidelines and laws.

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